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    I had one controller set with 2 boxes of miners (the only ones which seemed to be functioning) and hashing as expected at 1 TH/s on overnight to test them. This morning 5 out of the 6 ASIC boards had shut down, very likely due to the high temperatures. Even I have built them up in an airconditioned office room with 20 degrees and good ventilation. My "miner" office which I had especially rented to run my Bitcoin farm is in an office complex where other people also run their servers. Now I have paid 10.000 USD and received a pile of junk, invested lots of money in buying PSU, a small computer, paid my technician to set up everything professionally, rented an office and have miners which do NOT EVEN F******** work!

    I am sorry KnC, but I really have enough and if you read the forum, so does everyone who has received their "Super" Junk. Not only that those miners don't function properly they are so badly constructed and get so hot that they are dangerous. My technician who had built up many server farms and is highly skilled advised me not to run those miners unsupervised and only in a factory surrounding where if they start to burn the damage would be limited!!!!!!!!!

    I have written to KnC, informed Sam and Customer Support, have taken lots of picture evidence during yesterdays 12 hours testing marathon and have the testimony of a licensed technician.

    This is not what I have paid for and 10.000 USD is a lot of money.

    I am sorry KnC, I always supported you and had hoped that you would make things right, but reading so many other horror stories in almost every forum about the 3TH Super Junior it seems you have just tried to make a quick buck by freeing space for 400 Neptunes for people who didn't want to wait until you say you would deliver them. It was obvious from the comments from other customers that the boxes have been taken from your data centre in North Sweden, thus are used and have already brought their ROI for you. Those were shipped carelessly and only partially or non functioning to customers who had all invested their money to buy a quality miner similar to the Jupiters you had delivered before.

    I doubt that this action is legal and unless KnC is refunding my money (I am willing to ship back the whole crap to KnC but NOT on my expenses) or finds another solution for me, I will join a class lawsuit. Those "miners" which KnC has sent out are dangerous, they overheat, they are not proper secured, parts are missing or loosely assembled, they are a danger to have them around.

    How will KnC react if due to their miners and apartment catches fire and there is loss of life?

    KnC has to react now and not just patch up their delivery hoping the shitstorm calms down.


    Please find a solution immediately.

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    Thank you Freakingcat. Are you listening KNC?


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      Im with you. I too tried to run the miner that I thought would work and ended up shorting out and melting 6 of my ribbon cables, Had I not monitored it I would have had a fire on my hands. I want my money back, this is not what I paid 10k+ for. I would support legal action against knc.


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        KnC's reputation is really going down now


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          I agree as well. KNC has not been very attentive to all of its customers. I can not believe they shipped used parts to everyone. You guys should take legal action


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            What you have done KnC is disgraceful!
            It seems that greed has taken over in management.
            Dumping used DC gear on your 'Loyal' customers will never be forgiven.
            Your reputation is in tatters!
            My current order will be my last.


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              Originally posted by Visual305 View Post
              Im with you. I too tried to run the miner that I thought would work and ended up shorting out and melting 6 of my ribbon cables, Had I not monitored it I would have had a fire on my hands. I want my money back, this is not what I paid 10k+ for. I would support legal action against knc.

              Please contact if you haven't already. We will then be able to assist you in getting your miner up and running, and replacing any parts that have been damaged.

              We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused.


              • themuleman
                themuleman commented
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                I love how @Kurt and the "team" are treating this like "oh...sorry about that, you know sh*t happens." KNC, you must think this isn't a big deal.

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              I have been having similar problem and can confirm that the ASICs are used and some with heavy wear, even burnt.

              Not only does the product contain used and nearly useless gear, the KnC gang blatantly lied to recurring customers.

              I would very much like a solution (or a refund). This is ridiculous, and it would seem that KnC has joined the group of rig makers to qualify for the SCAM category.

              Well done KnC, you went from great product and serious company, to rip-off artists. And I would ask and demand a refund, but we all know how that'll go!


              • htomgts
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                will someone start a lawsuit please....

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              Could we have experienced the RISE AND FALL of KNC MINER ? They have no idea how to speak to their customers. They think we are all fools don't they. KNC needs to understand how being Transparent is a good thing unless they have ALOT TO HIDE?


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                I support you 100% I have mostly the same problems wich I will post a bit later.


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                  I felt like their intentions were good. However, I have similar issues. The boxes came pristine on the outside, and the contents were still damaged, however not as badly. I have found four loose resistors floating around in all of the bubble wrap, and matched three of them to ASIC boards. I was able to assemble everything properly, however my controllers don't work. One will boot up, and I've tried everything I can with it, including reflashing to various other versions and then back to the 1.0.1 image it had. The other two don't do anything at all, you plug them in and they just blink blue, regardless of whether you put a bootable MicroSD in it, so I'm not sure anything else can be done for them. I have managed to successfully get about 100GH/s after trying all board combinations with this controller, I hope the problem lies with the controller because it would be easier to ship fewer boards (assuming I can get it fixed). If you look at my image below you can see that most of the ASIC components are unused, even in this state. I bought the nicest 1200W power supplies available, as well, and have tried all of them.

                  Even though I appreciate the fact that they tried to ship us something, it makes me sick to my stomach that this is the return on my $13k. So far nothing has been said about what might be done to remedy the second failed attempt to ship these miners. In the end it may have cost them less to just run it from their DC, but perhaps this hardware is very inexpensive to produce, I don't know.



                  • fatsailor
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                    Same with two of my controller boards....the funny part is the instructions for reflashing presume we have LEDs on the boards......we don't! So no status feedback! But they're happy to RMA them and two weeks later....

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                  This was the email KnC just sent me - so they want me to RMA all the faulty boards not only on my own expense but they expect that once they sent me another bunch of boards that their "Super Jupiter 3TH" miners are suddenly safe to run? I had a certified and experienced technician check out their miners yesterday and he tested all of them for 12 hours. His conclusion was that those miners are UNSAFE AND DANGEROUS to run in a private surrounding and pose a threat to life.

                  The miners run extremely hot, the enclosures are so poorly designed that not only the heatsinks dont sit properly on the chips thus further increasing the temperature and fire hazard, also the fact that the ASIC boards form the bottom of the enclosure and apart from 4 plastic stilts they are very close to the ground and easily can short circuit. The controller boards, not only that in the replacement shipment they lack the GREEN/RED led light, which shows if they are running correctly are not in a safe enclosure. KnC's solution to stick 4 plastic feet on them doesn't work. Placing them on top of the aluminium box increases the risk of a short circuit.

                  The miners are supposed to be on 24 hours a day and work safely and stable. I ask again KnC if they are willing to take responsibility for any damages or accidents happen due to their poorly designed miners?? What is if a fire starts because of their poorly designed miners? What is if there is a loss of life? Just send a bunch of second hand replacement ASIC boards from their mining farm again????

                  We all had paid between 10.000 and 13.000 USD for the promise to get a high tech product, the Neptune which was supposed to be as secure and well assembled as the October/November Jupiters. Now we get some second hand staff which is dangerous to run.

                  I refuse to expose myself and my family to the risk of running the Super Juniors in my living environment. They are a danger for my life and my family. Those miners are not secure and I got the testimony and expertise of my technician and lots of documentation to proof that they are not secure and safe to run.

                  I am sorry KnC, but I do not accept your suggestion to RMA some boards to get some another set which might be working or not, those replacement boards are not increasing the security of those miners. They are designed to run in your mining farm near the Arctic Circle in Sweden but NOT safe to run them in my house beside my family.

                  I demand an exchange for a SAFE PRODUCT which promises the expected hashrate or I want a full refund. I am willing to send back the whole hardware junk which you have sent me ON KNC's expense.

                  KnC had fooled 400 people to believe they can drop second hand equipment from their mining farm to free capacity for 400 Neptunes which went on sale. They made another 4.000.000 USD with it. I am not risking my life running those insecure miners and I am willing to join a class action lawsuit which I am sure will soon be launched against KnC.

                  I gave KnC a lot of chances to make it right but they didn't. The only way to resolve this situation is to refund the money NOW to every 3TH Super Jupiter customer who demands it. I am willing to ship back the miners (even I already paid a lot of money buying PSU's and paying the technician etc) but I will NOT pay the costs for shipping back their hardware junk to get even more junk.

                  I have enough. I am sorry, Knc. I was a supporter of you from the first hour, but you destroyed my trust. You have one last chance to make it right and refund me my money. I refuse to expose myself to the risk of running those unsafe miners. Every court in the world will have a lot of evidence to support my claim that those miners which you sent out as Super Juniors are dangerous.

                  I advise you to consult your company lawyers and if you are confident to go ahead with your replacement tactic, hoping that this disaster calms down, good luck.


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                    My best guess is that KnC hired management from HashFast. I have yet to get an answer from my multiple emails, with detailed explanation and images of the problems. But if the answer is 'ship us the garbage we sent', well it's not too reassuring. I am not an engineer or computer expert, so other than building Legos or IKEA furniture (NOT to compare with KnC), I will NOT do testing to determine extent and scope of damage. Considering the poor quality (and sheer ripoff of sending used equipment), it would only make sense to me to ship everything back and get a refund or a REAL deal replacement. I do not have the expertise to do testing and selecting. My 3TH Jupiter (I have inly tried one of five) dos not work. I need to send the garbage back to the dump. KnC needs to take responsibility for trying to rip us off.


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                      Suggestions for everyone from Bitcointalk forum how to handle KnC's Super Jupiter scam.

                      I told you they'd try to weasel their way out and pass the expense of their mistakes onto the customer.

                      Don't cave in. Contact consumer agencies in Sweden (various links posted here last week - page 1651) and get them involved. If you deal directly with KNC, they will try very hard to fuck you over. Pressure knc and if they don't work with you to find a solution satisfactory to YOU, report them. KNC cannot ship broken goods and pass the cost on to you. Sadly, die0 issues were not physical, so they fucked us all with their RMA process. But you have lots of broken hardware photos AND testimony of your technician to help your case.

                      P.S. Tell everyone on the knc forum to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Take photos of everything - the packaging, any damage, dust or old thermal paste on the arctic coolers to prove they are used goods (I've already seen quite a few photo's documenting this, but more always helps), dust or scratches on the boards, broken components etc.

                      It would be better to post them here, on bitcointalk, as KNC will no doubt delete them all from their forum if you take them to court.

                      2. POST THIS EVIDENCE ON KNC FORUM & HERE


                      • themuleman
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                        I am interested in a class action if this is not remedied. Count me in. I got the pictures and the emails up on bitcointalk now, this is completely out of control!
                        Last edited by themuleman; 3rd May 2014, 05:11 AM.

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                      A few questions: - Anybody have news outlet connections? Other than what the Bitcoin community uses. - Has anybody gotten a serious answer? - what is the name of the Swediah consumer protection agency? (In English, please)